Canadian Dark Red Kidney Beans Supplier and Exporter

BG is a Canadian supplier and exporter of dark red kidney beans. As one of the most popular bean crops in both Ontario and Manitoba, these worldwide famous beans are grown, processed, and bulk exported to numerous countries all around the world.

Canada Dark Red Kidney Beans

As the name stands for, these maroon beans are shaped like a kidney and have traditionally been a central ingredient to Mexican and South American cuisine.

They are kidney-shaped having a deep glossy red color, that’s why they are called dark red kidneys, or they have a deep glossy pink color and so-called light red kidneys. These kinds are smoother in terms of taste and texture than dark red kidney beans. This red bean is famous in the Caribbean region and they are normally served with rice.

As a well-established leading company operating in the food supply field, BG offers fine quality Dark Red Kidney Beans to countless buyers and importers worldwide.

BG works closely with many beans farms located mainly in Ontario. After a meticulous selection and processing stage, the final products are sold and exported to popular destinations.


Dark Red Kidney beans are shaped like kidneys and have a deep red color.

These beans are softer and smoother in terms of exterior, taste, and texture compared to other types of beans. They are highly popular in the Caribbean and are served usually with rice.

Canada’s bulk production and harvest of Dark Red Kidney beans meets its domestic consumption needs and plays a vital part in meeting the rising worldwide demand for this essential natural food staple.

dark red

Dark Red Kidney,

Beans can be bulk supplied and sold in various forms like canned, frozen, bean flour, and so on.

These beans are one primary source of healthy, nutritious food shared almost by every nation and region on the planet.

dark red beans
Dark Beans

Dark Red Kidney Beans

Dark Red Kidney Beans have an enormous content of iron, phosphorus, and potassium. In addition, they are an incredible source of low-fat protein and fiber, which gives them an exceptional dietary value and advantage.

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