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BG is a Canadian supplier and exporter of beans. Canadian Beans are one of the most important pulses grown in both Ontario and Manitoba.

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Canada has the advantage of growing more beans than it needs and exporting its surpluses all over the world. According to statistics, 80-90% of the beans grown in Ontario are exported.

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Our team at Bennett's Grain will continuously strive for improved efficiency, as Beans supplier in Canada we improved relations with partners, and farmers in order to meet our global customers' expectations, and to exceed them.


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Canada beans exporter

There are distinct and varied food preferences across the world, but beans are one of the most common healthy and nutritious foods that can be found in all countries and regions regardless of the existing differences between them. In order to ensure that every producer of beans is monitored, you should buy beans from Canada since the Canadian grain commission is dedicated to this task. Moreover, any pulse produced in Canada is of the highest quality, and as a result, you will not be disappointed.

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As a bean supplier and exporter in Canada, we always strive to deliver quality products to our customers around the world. After reviewing each request closely and receiving additional information regarding the grade, delivery time, and destination, and in cooperation with the Canadian Grain Commission, we confirm the quality of the products. It is our goal at Bennett's Grain Company to stay with the customer from the point of order to delivery and we are proud of this goal, namely customer satisfaction.









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Since Canada is a producer of essential food staples such as beans, it pays excellent attention to the quality and health benefits of its products. There is no doubt that beans are an important source of essential minerals such as iron, phosphorus, and potassium. In addition, they contain low fat but high protein and fiber content, which proves that they have a positive effect on a person's health in the long run.

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It is BG's primary objective as a bean supplier to deliver fresh beans to customers and partners all over the world in a secure, timely, and fast manner. In doing this, we do not have to compromise on quality so that they can enjoy the taste of the beans right off the field.

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State-of-the-art technology at Bennett’s Grain in packaging and transporting of Beans.

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