Canadian White Kidney Beans Supplier and Exporter

It is our pleasure to present Bennett's Grains as one of Canada's leading suppliers and exporters of white kidney beans, and we are dedicated to providing a first-class service to every customer we ever work with.

White kidney beans supplier in Canada

White kidney beans supplier in Canada

Another term to refer to this kind of bean is “cannellini” or “alubia” beans. Their color varies from white to cream. We are a White Kidney Beans supplier in Canada. These precious crops are the ideal base ingredients in dips, salads, and spreads as they are low in fat.


White Kidney Beans Producer

We are a Canadian white kidney bean producer of which was originally cultivated in Argentina and later became an Italian stalwart, commonly used in their food all around the world. This White kidney variety has a very even texture with a subtle nutty flavor.

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These highly popular and precious beans offer vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, and unique natural plant-based protein.

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White Kidney Beans Exporter

White Kidney Beans Exporter

Nowadays, Bennett’s Grain has a track record of efficient, fast, and timely delivery of organically produced and carefully processed, we are white kidney beans exporter to a wide range of customers. Bennett’s Grain compares the prices of packing, transporting, and producing from farmers to determine the most reasonable price.
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White kidney beans have traditionally been grown and cultivated in North and South America. If you buy White kidney beans from Canada, beans are shipped by railway or truck from farms to the border, then they are packed in containers and shipped by sea.

High-quality White Kidney Beans

They have a nut-like flavor with an earthy taste. Because of their tender texture, they are ideal ingredients in soups, stews, and other dishes.

Research has shown these beans are highly effective in weight loss, promoting colon and bowls health, and moderating sugar levels in the blood system.

White Kidney Beans supplier

Canadian white kidney beans and Exporter

Bennett’s grain is a Canadian White Kidney Bean Supplier and Exporter that has always been one of the top producers and wholesalers of White Kidney Beans, so quality and customer satisfaction have always been top priorities.

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Canada is the world's largest producer of White Kidney Beans