Bennett's Grain is a Canadian Pulse Supplier and Exporter

The four central provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Manitoba are home to most Canadian pulses grown, harvested, and exported to a significant number of destinations and international markets. Bennett's Grain is a Canadian Pulses Supplier and Exporter.


Production and cultivation of pulses in Canada have constantly risen over the last few decades. Today, an average of over 3 million hectares are devoted to growing these precious food staples.



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We are constantly striving to improve our efficiency and enhance our bilateral relations with partners and international organizations to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our global customers.

Nowadays, there is an increasingly strong demand for grains and pulses as a food staple worldwide. The pulse industry in Canada has successfully continued to meet this rising need and supply over 150 countries. These massive supplies include a variety of peas, lentils, chickpeas, and beans.









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Today with the rising population rate, having a sustainable, accessible, and nutritious food source is essential for every nation. Cereals, pulses, and grains are on their way to becoming the healthiest and most affordable food staple. In addition, these magnificent natural crops are an incredible tasting addition to any dish or diet.

Pulse and grains belong to a multi-billion-dollar export and import industry that continues to grow yearly as the need and demand for these essential staples keep rising. Canada as the world’s fifth-largest exporter of agricultural crops and a leading nation in exports of pulses and grains, in 2018 alone exported close to C$34 billion worth of cereals, pulses, and grains.

Among Canada’s most popular ag exported crops, pulses have gained a unique status.
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Canadian pulses are mainly an excellent cold season crop, and once the frost-free month of May comes around, pulse seeds can be sown.
Most of the pulses grown and produced in Canada as a worldwide leading producer, are used for export.
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Peas, lentils, and chickpeas account for nearly half of the entire crops produced in this vast nation. Canada is the largest supplier of lentils and some peas to India. For instance, in 2019, despite some decline in exports, this highly populated Asian country imported more than 300 million Canadian dollars worth of lentils.

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Canada is the world's largest producer of pulses