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BG is a "Canadian White Navy Beans Supplier and Exporter." BG company is a producer and "supplier of white navy beans" to a significant percentage of global markets, and this is making a big difference in our ability to meet the demands of these markets.

White Navy Beans supplier in Canada

Navy Beans are small, pea-sized beans which are creamy-white in color. They are mild-flavored beans though they are dense and smooth similar to other typical beans. It is our pride and joy to be recognized as a leading "White Navy Beans supplier in Canada," a Canadian-owned and operated enterprise dedicated to processing, carefully packaging, exporting, and wholesaling organic White Navy beans grown and harvested right here in Canada.


White Navy Beans Producer

In its role as a "White Navy Beans producer," BG's main objective is to supply fresh beans supplies to buy in a secure, fast, and timely manner to customers and partners around the world, without compromising on quality, to help users experience the real taste of the beans right off the field.

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These highly popular and precious beans offer vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, and unique natural plant-based protein.

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White Navy Beans Exporter

Most of the "White Navy Beans exporters" from Canada to major international importing hubs receive their beans in bulk from Ontario and Manitoba which produce most of the highest quality beans and export them out at large quantities and bulk.
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Due to the availability of vast arable land and inclement climatic conditions, Canada successfully continues to grow, produce, and export for importers to "buy White Navy Beans from Canada" because Canadian beans are some of the highest quality and freshest white navy beans to many consumption destinations across the globe.

High-quality White Navy Beans

Furthermore, Canadian white navy beans are also extremely beneficial because they have a high number of protein, fiber, folic acid, as well as some other valuable minerals, thereby reducing the rate of several cancer types, and can keep you from becoming ill in the first place.


This type is known as probably the most popular bean family crop harvested in Ontario.

Canadian White Navy Beans Exporter Bennetts Grain Company is a leading provider of White Navy Beans that have long been used in cooking a wide variety of foods including soups, salads, and beans.

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Canada is the world's largest producer of White Navy Beans