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Most Canadian chickpea is produced and harvested in the southern provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. We are a Canadian Chickpeas supplier and exporter company.

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Chickpea is a core member of the legume family. Generally, two main types of Canadian chickpea are Kabuli and Desi. In terms of appearance, Kabuli chickpea has a white to tan spectrum; however, some black varieties can also be found. Another name for it is Garbanzo bean, which is primarily used in salad and vegetable mixes. Besides, it also grows larger in size compared to Desi chickpea. On the other hand, Desi chickpea tends to be brownish in colors and smaller in size, and it is supplied in split or milled form to be used in food products. Therefore, the two parameters of size and colors are the primary determiners of the type of crop.


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Bennett’s Grain, as a leading player in the producer and export of Canadian Grain, pulse, and chickpea in particular, pays excellent attention to desired high quality, favorable price, and industrial and modern packaging of its products for clients.

The popularity and consumption of chickpea grown and processed in Canada is on the rise thanks to its undisputable health and nutrition advantage. It is among the wealthiest pulse family crops and remarkably high in calory and protein per seed.


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Canadian chickpea has an incredibly high demand in the market. Chickpea is one of the main exported pulse products from Canada to various countries of the world.
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Any interested Chickpeas buyer can simply email our sales team at First, the request would be carefully studied. Then, a proforma invoice would be produced and sent back to our buyers with all the information they need to make a purchase.

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As a rich source of Calcium, vitamins, and protein, this unique product plays a significant role in Canada’s international export and economy in general and the food chain of the majority of people all around the world.Production and export of Chickpea in Canada has grown significantly over the past couple of decades and it is interesting to know that Canada is a major leading producer and exporter of pulses and chickpea worldwide.

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Our products are produced and offered in various packages of 25 kg and 50 kg, making it very efficient and convenient to supply, export and transport to significant consumption hubs worldwide.

we are constantly making efforts to meet the needs and satisfaction of our growing clients by providing high-quality crops and products and offering timely and secure delivery and competitive rates.

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