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Canadian Chikpeas

Canadian Chickpeas Supplier & Exporter

Bennett’s Grain is a leading exporter and producer of Canadian Chickpeas across the globe.

Chickpea is a core member of the legume family. Generally, two main types of Canadian chickpeas are Kabuli and Desi. In terms of appearance, Kabuli chickpea has a white to tan spectrum; however, some black varieties can also be found.

Besides, it also grows larger in size compared to the Desi chickpea. On the other hand, Desi chickpea tends to be brownish in color and smaller in size, and it is supplied in split or milled form to be used in food products. Therefore, the two parameters of size and colors are the primary determiners of the type of crop.


Bennett's Grain: Premium Canadian Chickpeas

Canada is renowned worldwide for its high-quality Chickpea exports. Bennett’s Grain, a leading Chickpea supplier in Canada, has been in business for almost two decades and currently supplies Chickpeas to various countries of the world. This demand from international markets has led Chickpea production to significantly increase in Canada, especially over the past few years. With such an incredibly high demand and superior quality Chickpeas available in the Canadian market, suppliers like Bennett’s Grain are keeping up well with orders while continuously pushing boundaries to enhance their products and services even further.

Canadian Chickpeas supplier in Canada

Bennett’s Grain is a leading Canadian supplier of Chickpeas.

Our chickpea is produced and harvested at Bennett’s Grain facility in Alberta and Saskatchewan, which have favorable climate conditions for modern agricultural production of chickpeas. Bennett’s Grain is proud to supply export-quality Canadian Chickpeas to the world.

Desi Chickpeas,
No 1 Grade Kabuli Chickpeas,
No 2 Grade Kabuli Chickpeas
Kabuli Frontier 8mm+
Kabuli Frontier 7mm,
No 1 B-90 Chickpea,
No 2 B-90 Chickpea,
Feed Chickpea

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