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Canadian Split Green Peas

Canadian Split Green Peas Supplier & Exporter

Bennett’s Grain is a leading exporter and producer of Canadian Split green peas across the globe.

Split green peas are a type of legume derived from the pea plant’s seeds. They are processed by removing mature peas’ outer green or yellow shells and then splitting the seeds in half, exposing their yellow or green interiors. This process results in a dried, flat disc-shaped pea commonly used in various dishes.

Bennett's Grain: Premium Canadian Split Green Peas

Split green peas are a popular ingredient in many countries, and Canada exports split green peas to several countries around the world. Some countries that import split green peas from Canada include the United States, Mexico, China, Japan, and Europe.

Bennett’s Grain, based in Alberta, Canada, is a well-known exporter and supplier of split green peas.

Canadian Split Green Peas supplier in Canada

Split green peas and green peas are both popular ingredients in Canadian cuisine and are grown in various regions of the country, including Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. These regions have a favorable climate for growing various crops, including legumes like split green peas and green peas. Split green peas are processed by removing the outer shells of mature peas and splitting them in half, exposing their yellow or green interiors, while green peas are fresh or frozen immature pods containing the pea plant’s seeds. Bennett’s Grain is a supplier of Split Green Peas in Canada.

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