Canadian Split Yellow Peas Supplier and Exporter

Bennett's Grain is a Canadian Split Yellow Peas Supplier and Exporter, Canada has been the most prominent and leading producer and exporter of dry Peas over the last couple of decades.

Split Yellow Peas supplier in Canada

Split Yellow Peas supplier in Canada

Whole yellow peas, husked and processed to be split in two. This resulted in a dark yellow cotyledon Split Yellow Peas with a diameter of 4.0 mm to 5.0 mm, which is a bit softer and a bit easier to cook. Associated with the species Pisum sativum, which also includes fresh garden peas, the syrup pea, and the sugar snap pea, the Yellow Split Pea, or Matar Dal, belongs to a group of legumes known as the Pea family. Our company is one of the suppliers in Canada that exports quality split yellow peas to other countries.


Split Yellow Peas Producer

Bennett’s Grain is the most known and trusted Canadian company in Produce, wholesales and bulk exports of various peas, including Split Yellow Peas ones.

Split yellow peas are grown and cultivated primarily in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and, more importantly, Alberta.

Nowadays, Yellow Peas are an inexpensive, accessible, and easy-to-grow type of vegetable from the legume family, which can be found almost in every food store.

Split Yellow Peas Exporter

Split Yellow Peas Exporter

Bennett’s Grain is a Canadian leading expert in processing, storing, and packaging high-quality split yellow peas, as well as delivering them to global buyers and consumers in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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Based on the 2020 yellow pea composite by grade, the protein content of Canada Yellow peas was 23.7%, higher than in 2019.

The use of a vast area as large as 1.2 million hectares is currently used in various regions of Canada for the cultivation and harvest of dried peas, and the number of people who buy Split Yellow Peas from Canada has increased.


To begin, an order for Split Yellow Peas needs to be placed via our order form.

In the next step, the request is reviewed. Several factors are considered, such as requested quality grade, tonnage, destination, and terms of transport and delivery. Finally, a Proforma invoice is issued and forwarded.

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Canada is the world's largest producer of Split Yellow Peas