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The split red lentil is one of the fastest-cooking lentils out there. Bennett’s Grain is Canada’s leading split red lentil supplier and exporter. These lentils do not require soaking prior to cooking. Since their skins get removed, these lentils in a natural process are divided or split into halves.

Split Red Lentils supplier in Canada

Split Red Lentils supplier in Canada

The split red lentils are produced from splitting the whole red lentil. The skin is detached and the residual reddish-orange seed is therefore split into two halves. These lentils cook faster than others and they are the best options for puree or soups.

BG is a leading supplier of Split Red Lentils in Canada.


Split Red Lentils Producer

Saskatchewan lentils are sown in early May. After a few months, once fully grown, they are harvested during the dry month of August.

Bennett’s Grain strives relentlessly to keep to our highest standards in excellent quality Split Red Lentils producer in Canada.

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Split Red Lentils Exporter

Split Red Lentils Exporter

Split Red lentils can usually be found either dried or canned making them easy-to-serve and ready-to-eat in various food preparations like salads soups and stews.
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Bennett Grains has become an expert in bulk processing, production, and exports of split red lentils.

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As a primary food source and another valuable seed from the legume family, Split Red lentils have numerous health benefits like improving heart function and preventing blood-related conditions like anemia because they are a rich source of iron.

Research has shown that thanks to its high content of phytoestrogens, this precious crop can also effectively fight against some types of cancer, especially breast cancer.

Split Red Lentils supplier

The province of Saskatchewan alone makes up over 95% of all the lentils grown and cultivated in Canada.

By offering high-quality crops and products, providing timely and secure deliveries, and offering competitive rates, we constantly strive to meet the needs and satisfy the satisfaction of our clients.

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