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We are a Canadian Whole Red Lentil Supplier, Exporter, and Distributor. A small lentil with red to orange colors also called a Petit Crimson lentil, is nearly half the size of a regular lentil. Crimson Lentils Originally Called Lens Esculenta Are Now known As Canadian Whole Red Lentils.

Canada Whole Red Lentils

Crimson Lentils originally called Lens Esculenta are now famous as Whole Red Lentils. Because the skin is detached from the lentil, the inside portion of the seed becomes a whole and is not split. As a result, there is a nice unbroken, reddish-orange polished product. They have a high level of protein like legumes, beans, or lentils. Crimson Lentils also cook faster than other kinds of lentils.

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As of today, Bennett’s Grain provides superb quality Canadian Whole Red lentils to our diverse customer base in the most timely, efficient, and affordable manner possible.


As the largest producer and exporter of Crimson lentils, Canada is home to thousands of actively operating lentil farms.

Their relatively more minor firm texture causes a more accessible breakdown while being cooked.

Therefore, they are an excellent choice for soups, stews, and sauces. Due to their earthy flavor and straightforward and fast preparation, Crimson lentils are regarded as a perfect main and side dish.
Crimson Lentils, mostly sold, exported, and supplied in bags, are exceedingly lasting. If stored and kept in a dry airtight container, it can be used even a year from purchase.

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Canadian Crimson Lentils, also known as Whole Red Lentil is a deep orange to polished red crop and is also famous for their quick-cooking texture and high protein content.

whole red lentils

Whole Red Lentils

Lentils are very effective in having a long life. These beans have long been used for cooking. It is especially popular in South Asian countries. Lentils are the oldest beans grown by humans on earth.

Lentil is a plant native to the east, central Egypt, the Mediterranean, Ethiopia, southern Europe, India, and Pakistan, from where it has spread to Latin America. According to some archaeological evidence, lentils were also cultivated between 6500 and 7500 BC.

Canada is one of the largest producers of lentils in the world. In total, 6.4 million hectares of lentils are cultivated worldwide and 2.4 million tons are produced annually.

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