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As a leading Canadian producing and exporting company, Bennett's Grain supplies Laird lentils to numerous bulk consuming countries such as India, Turkey, UAE, among many others.

Canada Laird Lentils

The vast central province of Saskatchewan alone produces over 95% of Canadian lentils exported to international markets.

We are a Canadian Laird Lentils Supplier and Exporter and Saskatchewan lentils are planted at the start of May and their harvest starts from mid to the end of August. These types of lentils are perfect for salads and soups. Canada is among the top nations in production and supplies of superior quality Laird lentils in bulk quantities. Lairds are a large variety of lentils family, approximately 6 to 7 mm in diameter, having a green seed and yellowish exterior color.



Laird lentils are a popular Canadian crop exported to a globally diverse consumer market.

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Initially Initially, they were a research-based production developed at Saskatchewan University. Now they have become a favorite export crop for buyers with a preference for large-sized lentils.

Laird lentils, also known as star or gold standard, have large seeds with a yellowish color and higher yields compared to some other types. As a type of lentils family, it is basically an evolved crop with a long tradition of growth and harvest as old as two decades.


Laird lentils,

were introduced and integrated into the agriculture of several Western European countries, including Germany, where lairds are also known as “plate lentils” simply due to their much larger size compared to other types of lentils.

Lentils, like other legumes, are gluten-free foods. Gluten is a protein found in some plant foods, especially whole grains, and can cause many problems for people who are unable to digest gluten or have celiac disease.

Lentils are not only delicious foods but also a great option for people with celiac disease who need a gluten-free diet.

Laird lentils

Laird Lentils

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