Marrowfat Peas Supplier and Exporter in Canada

Bennett’s Grain is a top-quality Marrowfat Peas Supplier and Exporter in Canada. If Green fully mature peas are left unharvested to dry out on the plants in the field right in the peak of harvest time, the produced result and yield is known as Marrowfat Peas.

Marrowfat Peas supplier in Canada

Marrowfat Peas supplier in Canada

Marrowfat Peas is green mature peas that have been dried out naturally in the field, rather than being harvested in their prime of youth similar to the normal garden peas. They are used in making mushy peas and also the snack food wasabi peas. They are also a traditional northern English supplement to fish and chips. All across Northern England, they are commonly served as part of the popular snack of pie and peas.

Our company is a leading supplier of Marrowfat Peas in Canada.


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Marrowfat Peas Producer

Our main goal at Bennett’s Grain is to deliver premium quality Marrowfat Peas to markets throughout the world in a timely and secure manner. This will enable us to accomplish our goals.

Canada is expected to continue to be the largest Marrowfat Peas Producer and exporter of dry peas in the world.

Marrowfat Pea Exporter

Marrowfat Pea Exporter

The whole process of harvesting, transporting, storing, packaging, and exporting the highest quality peas grown in Canada to our global customers is handled with care at Bennett’s Grain.
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Around 1730, Marrowfat was coined from marrow and fat. There are currently hundreds of huge active Marrowfat Peas farms in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

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High-quality Canadian Marrowfat Peas for Health.

Dry peas (Pisum sativum) have the largest production volume of all special crops in Canada. The main varieties include yellow, green, maple, green marrowfat, and Austrian winter peas.Peas contain health-promoting polystyrene that reduces the risk of gastric cancer. Vitamin A and vitamin C in chickpeas prevent the spread of prostate, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers.

Marrowfat Pea
Marrowfat Pea Canada

Canada is expected to continue to be the largest producer and exporter of dry peas in the world.

Many pea antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds support healthy blood vessels. Plaque formation along the walls of our blood vessels begins with chronic stress, oxidative stress, and inflammation. High levels of vitamin B1 and folate, B2, B3, and B6, lower homocysteine levels, which are risk factors for heart disease.

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Canada is the world's producer of Marrowfat Pea