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Bennett's Grains is a supplier and wholesaler of rich, nutritional Canadian whole green peas harvested and produced on some of the most fertile farms in southwest Canada, and bulk processes and exports them to a wide variety of suppliers and buyers all over the world.

Canada Green Peas

The size of Canadian whole green peas is approximately 6-7mm in diameter and it has a pale green color. In terms of its taste, it can be described as mild and slightly sweet. The whole green pea can also be used for many other purposes. As an example, when they are divided into two, they become Split Green Peas that are more dark and have a stronger green tone.

Canada has excellent growing conditions for green peas. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta are some of the biggest producers of green peas in Canada. Bennett’s Grain has successfully built its brand as a reliable exporter of green peas over the years.

The fact that Canada is among the list of one of the world’s largest suppliers, producers, and exporters of whole green peas and split green peas may not come as a surprise to anyone.

Whole Green Peas

Canada Whole Green Peas Export

Canada is one of the world’s largest whole green pea producers, and exporters. Canadian whole green peas are as well available in the form of split peas. They can also be turned into fibers, proteins, starches, and flours. In addition, Canadian Green Peas can be used for food, animal feed, and pet food.

A Whole Green Pea, also called a garden pea, is a small, spherical seed that is produced by a plant called Pisum sativum which is also called a green pea plant. Pods, which are produced by green pea plants such as the Pisum sativum, can be used to collect whole green peas.


Sales and supplies of Canadian peas make up a large proportion of all the peas produced and distributed in world markets to meet the growing need for this precious and rich food source.

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In terms of peas’ health and nutrition value, there are minerals and vitamins like A and B, which help reduce and control inflammation in the body, lower risks, prevent chronic problems, and improve physical and mental health.

Their pleasant, soft, and delicious texture has helped them find their place well into endless flavorings.

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Whole Green Peas

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